About us
World’s first Web3 cross-chain crypto payment ecosystem that accepts ALL tokens
Built exclusively for commerce, PayBolt Business payment gateway is powered by the native $PAY token with cross-chain bridging capabilities to ensure lightning-fast transactions. $PAY is central to the ecosystem as it is used to incentivize investors, users and businesses, accelerating the mass adoption of crypto for payment.
Decentralized payment PayBolt offers decentralized payment which eliminates the need for independent third-parties such as trustees, processors, clearing houses, exchanges and settlement organisations who function to verify and validate information
Lightning Fast Crypto Payment Instant crypto payment to ensure seamless transactions
Easy to use secure Payments Businesses can start accepting secure crypto payments with just a few clicks.
Chain agnostic to maximize performancePayBolt's cross chain bridging capabilities optimizes for the cheapest blockchain to minimize transaction fees.
PayBolt Products
Earn $PAY tokensMake and track payment, stake and earn $PAY tokens Supports iOS + Android
Payment EcommerceEcommerce plugin to enable online payments for Woocommerce and major ecommerce platforms
PayBolt Point of Sales (POS) TerminalCrypto POS terminal for brick and mortar merchants
PayBolt Reward EcosystemBusinesses, users, partners and investors are rewarded via $PAY for their participation in the ecosystem.
PayBolt Wallet
Secure crypto payments are lightning fast. The more you pay the more you earn!
Available Now
QuickPay Complete your payment with just 1 click
Make ecommerce payment Automatic conversions ensure you can pay with any crypto across any network
Afterpay Buy now and pay later in 4 easy installments
Earn $PAY tokens Pay using wallet and earn $PAY tokens. Making payment has never been more rewarding
Track your crypto expenses Transaction History helps you to track your crypto income and expenses
$PAY Token Tokenomics
Circulating Supply10,000,000,000
Existing $BPAY holders + IDO
Team: Development, R&D, security, compliance, operations and marketing
Ecosystem Incentives: Users, merchants, marketplace rewards and staking
Foundation Treasury: Advisors, consulting & strategic partners
Exchange liquidity
$PAY DEX Trading tokenomics
PayBolt tokenomics are designed with early investors in mind.
10% transaction tax applies only to transfer and sell on DEX and is to discourage MEV bots from siphoning value from $PAY investors while we complete the PayBolt ecosystem.
Development& Marketing4% of sell transactions will be distributed to development & marketing to fund the development of the PayBolt ecosystem: R&D, products, compliance, legal etc. It will also ensure the PayBolt brand will be broadcasted to all parts of the globe.
3% of sell transactions are distributed to $PAY hodlers. Get rewarded just by holding.
LiquidityPool2% of all sell transactions are added back to the liquidity pool.
FoundationTreasury1% of all sell transactions are added to the foundation treasury for advisors & strategic partners.
Inception of BNBPay
Mobile App Prototype
Mobile App Prototype
E-commerce plugins
Core Team 10+
50000 holders
Keesong Partnership (Public Listed Company)
Merchant in Over 20 Countries
Crypto Marketplace
ZingMobile Joint Venture
Rebranded to PayBolt
PayBolt Business App Live
PayBolt Crypto App Live
Best Company Award Money 2.0 April 2022 Vegas
Payment Enabled On BNB Chain
Payment Enabled On Polygon
Payment Enabled On Ethereum
Initia Group Partnership
PayBolt Crypto App active on WalletConnnect
Payment Enabled On Avalanche
Payment Enabled On Fantom
Payment Enabled On Bitkub
Payment Enabled On Doge
Payment Enabled On Bitcoin
Lithuania Crypto License
NFT Membership Program
Staking Reward Program
Exchange Listing
Payment Enabled On CRO
Payment Enabled On Litecoin
Payment Enabled On XRP
Payment Enabled On Solana
Major Partnership with Specialised Region
BoltConnect (ZingMobile X PayBolt) Super App Launch
PayBolt Checkout
On/Offramp via Banking Network
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